Josef Haid, the Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist from Zurich, Switzerland takes you on a journey with powerful melodies, emotional lyrics moving your soul. Josef grew up with lots of classical music and is singing all his life. He learned to play violin with age 5 and guitar from age 12 with songs from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Eagles, Supertramp and Queen. In the 80ies he recorded his first single and videos with his school band. Josef currently released his second album, an Acoustic EP released 1. July 2016 with the new song „The only one“ available to listen in on the Swiss Music Portal mx3 and on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.
In 2015 Josef released his first album of own songs «Dreams come true». He first developed the songs acoustically and later on arranged them together with Adreas Utzinger followed by live recordings with the Band. The CD release concert May 29 2015 at Club Moods in Zurich with a crowd of 200 was a great event, the "Best of" video is available on youtube Josef Haid "Best of CD Release Concert“

The songs are about the journey of life, about knowing borderlines and being committed (The only one), waiting four your loved one (Waiting for you), giving more love instead of always asking for it (Giving more of my love), about not giving up and finding your way out (No way out), about being away from home and missing your loved ones (Coming home), about losing a friend and the hope for forgiveness (Losing a friend) about our feelings seeing a new born and wondering what the journey will be (New born), about being there for a friend in a challenging life situation (Some hope), about being blind when trust is gone (Trust again) and about keep on trying so dreams come true (Dreams come true).

The Band: 
Acoustic line-up: Josef Haid (Vocals/Guitar); Andreas Utzinger (Vocals/Keys/Arrangement), Dominik Ruegg (Guitar), Tommy Marti (Guitar) Pop/Rock line-up: Josef Haid (Vocals, Guitar); Andreas Utzinger (Backing Vocals, Keys, Arrangement); Stefan Schroff (Guitar), Tommy Marti (Guitar); Urs Nüssli (Bass); Mario Caspar (Drums); Beat Riggenbach (Sax); Sarah Utzinger (Backing Vocals)

Distribution: iTunes, Amazon, etc.; EAN 0190394633653 (The only one);  EAB 889211590629 (Dreams come true)
Streaming: Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, GooglePlay, Youtube, 8tracks, etc.